Where are you located?
We are located in Downtown Baltimore within the art district, right next to Penn Station. 

How many images do I get with my shoot?
Each shoot is unique and depends on the package that you choose. And, you always have the option to purchase more edits at a later date. 

When will I receive my images after my photoshoot?
After your photoshoot, you will receive all of your raw photos within 1-3 business days. If your photoshoot came with edits
then you will receive your professionally retouched photos within 2-7 business days after you've made your selection.

What if I don't want any edited photos? 
You will receive all of your raw images with watermarks. You can download up to 50 of your unedited images for free, or you can purchase your entire gallery of raw images.

Do prints come with my photoshoot?
We do not offer physical prints at this time, everything we send is digital.

Do you help with choosing outfits and posing?
At this time we are not assisting with creative direction for outfits and posing. We highly suggest using sites like Pinterest
to gain inspiration and ideas. With that said, I will still help guide you thru the photoshoot so that we can capture the best images possible.

Do you provide clothing and makeup?
We do not provide clothing and we do not have an MUA on site. We ask that you arrive at your shoot dressed, and make-up ready.

How many backgrounds can I shoot on?
We have 19 different sets for you to choose from and allow you to shoot on as many as you can fit within your allotted time. This time includes lighting and setup change.

Can I bring people with me to my photoshoot?
We allow you to bring up to 3 guests to accompany you during your shoot.

Do you have a place where I can change clothes and touch up my makeup?
Yes, we provide a designated changing area/glam room. 

What are your hours of communication?
We are available for a response via email at management@carlospolk.com and by phone at 667-222-5004 Mon-Fri from 12 pm-5 pm. Y
ou can always reach out to us via DM on IG @wedreamstudio or @iloswork but we cannot guarantee a faster response.


Can I tour the studio?

Email management@carlospolk.com to schedule a tour.

Do you take children's photos?

Yes! If you are taking a family photo with a child younger than 4 yrs of age we ask that you bring an additional guest to assist with keeping the toddler's attention and focus. We are not doing newborn photos at this time.