The primary focus of anyone designing a website is to make the site friendly to the end user. The number of visits you get on your website depends largely on how easily your customers can navigate through the website. Other factors to consider when designing a new site include the ease of access to information on your website, the way your website appears on a mobile device such as a smartphone and the time it takes the website to load its content.

The faster the better. It is important to design your website in a way that makes people find what they are searching for easily. When they have to go through many clicks to find information on your website, it loses its simplicity and these customers will become reluctant to visit your website next time. Ease of navigation is an important factor to a simple and user-friendly website. You will get more visits and customers will stay longer on your website because it is friendly.

In the last half-decade, internet usage has increased rapidly on the mobile phone while there has been a corresponding decrease in some countries with desktop users. A smart website design is one that can be implemented on a mobile phone easily. There should not be clicks that can only be made on a tablet or PC. If your customers find themselves stuck while opening your website on their smartphones, it may discourage them from visiting the website later on a computer.

From the color scheme to the quality of content on your website, you need to pay close attention to these details. Is your website readable? Do you keep things short and simple? Can a user find keywords easily on each page? These are vital questions that a simple and user-friendly website must answer. A website may be beautiful but the fonts of the text may not be readable. The color choice must be quite universal.

Regular website maintenance helps your website to respond at top speed. A good website should load its contents within 6 seconds. The patience of your customers may run thin if they have to wait for hundreds of seconds to access content on your website. A good load time always attracts future visits.

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of a simple and user-friendly website in this postmodern world. Everything is fast-paced and anything that slows down this speed is left alone. Get ahead of things by applying these important nuggets to your web design. Cheers.


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